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Carmindy Vision:What I See

Khrystine reminds me of summertime. Beautiful skin with youthful freckles, amazing eyes, and what coloring! Khrystine exudes natural sophistication. I chose a 5-minute face for her because she’s a busy business-woman as well as a world traveler. She needs to be able to jet off at a moment’s notice looking fresh, not fussy. I smoothed […]

Beauty Mood: Carefree

Blessed are the days when we awaken with that happy-go-lucky feeling where nothing, but nothing, can bring us down. As a tried-and-true beach girl, such times bring back memories of twirling down a sandy beach with waves lapping at my feet. Bliss! A bronzy, golden look is the face to match this magically in-tune mood. […]

Beauty Mood: Fabulous

When you’re feeling absolutely unstoppable, accelerate your fabulousity by going full-on glam! This is no time for dainty, my lady. Indulge your need for the hot and the new with a trendy trick or two. Playing with liquid eyeliner shows that you’re on the cutting edge of fashion and about to reach the stratosphere of […]

Beauty Mood: Seductive

You start noticing the signs well before nightfall. Your walk becomes a spellbinding sway. Your skin takes note of every breeze and rustle of fabric. Oh, hot mama, you’re feeling extra sexy. Positively intoxicating. And combustible! When you’re smokin’, a smoldering gaze only adds fuel to your fire. Rim those eyes with kohl, and any […]

Beauty Mood: Romantic

Fairy tales can come true—especially when you play the heroine and look the part. A soft Renaissance face with rosy lips and cheeks and soft eyes conjures up visions of love and romance. Think ethereal Botticelli beauty. Ah, lovely! And a great choice for cheeks-focused maidens. Start off by applying primer, foundation, under-eye concealer, blemish […]