I mpact on Physician Practices

The impact of aesthetic home-use devices on physician practices has been modest as of mid-2007; however, this is expected to change with the next generation of considerably more efficacious devices. First-generation home-use systems have largely provided only incremental improvements over conventional home-use aesthetic products. For example, home electrolysis units offer only marginally longer-lasting hair removal […]

Consumer Response

As of today, consumers have demonstrated a strong desire for efficacious home-use products and equally strong comfort with the technologies introduced. Far from being intimidated by words like “laser,” “radio frequency,” “microcurrent,” “chemical peel,” “microdermabrasion,” on the boxes of these new products, consumers have embraced them as a means to access treatments that were once […]

Next Generation Home-Use Devices

The new generation of home-use devices incorporates advanced technologies such as phototherapy, radio frequency (RF), ultrasound, and so on, and therefore requires FDA clearance to market, supported by rigorous clinical studies demonstrating the safety and efficacy in the intended application. Leading devices that meet these criteria, both available and under development, are shown in Table […]

Light-Based Devices for At-Home Use

Michael Moretti Medical Insight, Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA, USA 24.1 Introduction 517 24.2 First-Generation Home-Use Devices 518 24.3 Next Generation Home-Use Devices 519 24.4 Market Growth 524 24.5 Consumer Response 524 24.6 Impact on Physician Practices 525 25.1 I introduction Consumers have long sought products that would help them look their best, conveniently and affordably. […]

Non-Beam Hazards

As with other electrical or electronic medical equipment, lasers and IPL systems in the clinical or spa environment may pose electrical safety problems as well. Potential hazards of electrical shock exist, requiring appropriate grounding, and other electrical safety laser use, and biomedical engineers and medical electronics technicians familiar with safe instal­lation of electrical and electronic […]