FREEBIES They say cheap is good. Well how about free? Cosmetics counters give away samples to get their customers hooked. Here’s a sampling of some of the companies that regularly offer sam­ples at their counters. If you are able to engage the counter per­son, and you catch her at a slow time, she may even […]


It has been my intent in this book to allow beauty to become more attainable, understandable, and more affordable for everyone. The beauty and diet industries know how to push our buttons by play­ing to our emotions, causing us to look for that magic elixir. There is no one answer. Each technique, each trick, every […]


Since celebrities practically live on the road, they have by default become experts at travel. The products they can’t live without are inex­pensive but absolutely essential to these stars. Talk show host Ananda Lewis carries olive oil and uses it on her hair and body straight from the bottle. Singer Britney Spears won’t leave home […]


Wear driving slippers or comfortable shoes whether you’re the driver or passenger. Use sun block with an SPF of at least 30. Sun rays have the ability to penetrate glass. Dress in layers for a car trip. It may be chilly in the morning but can get hot by late after­noon. Dressing in layers will […]


HOTELS Choose hotels with interior room entrances and avoid hotels with hallways that lead to a parking lot or maintenance area. Pick a hotel location where transportation and security is readily available. A smaller hotel and lobby is safer than a large hotel since staff will notice strangers and loiterers more easily. Always ask for […]


when it comes to luggage. If you don’t fill your suitcase, your clothing will fall all over the place, which will cause wrinkling and make a big, jumbled mess. BASICS Here is a list of seasonless wardrobe essentials that can be combined in many ways. Tops T-shirt Tank top Sweater or cardigan WRINKLE-PROOFING These fabrics […]