Carmindy Vision:What I See

Paula’s face lights up the room. Her smile is contagious, topped only by her laugh. Everything about her says here’s a vivacious, happy, deeply confident woman.

To highlight her sunny personality, I went for a summery, fresh look.

We defined her eyes using a bronze shimmer in the crease, with sunset gold and pink shadows under the brow and across the lid. A sweep of bronze shadow under the lower lash line brought out the sparkle. We curled her lashes and added black mascara to fire up the flirt factor.

Brights enhanced Paula’s honey complexion. We played up her Latina coloring with coral powder blush and coral lip gloss. Absolutely radiant!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Heather, 22

hometown: bensalem, Pennsylvania

I can’t remember ever not being aware of the importance of appearance. I’ve always been taller and curvier than most girls. And for that stretch from twelve to sixteen, I felt quite a mess: I had braces, felt “big” among my peers, and boys would refer to my round cheeks as “fat face.”

When those braces came off, however, I felt a glow of happy white light. People tell me I have a great smile, so the investment paid off.

Every year I feel better about my looks. Sometimes negative self-talk still creeps in. I think my nose, ears, and lips are asymmetrical. Crooked, in fact! Hopefully those hang-ups will pass in time, too.

I once read that a girl becomes a woman when she can accept a compliment. As I move into adulthood, I try to remember that.

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Of all my makeover ladies, Heather and I have the most in common. Those taunts about our round faces have stuck with us for too long. What a waste of energy. I mean, come on!

Heather has a classically beautiful face with porcelain skin, a radiant smile, and a natural rosy blush on those cheeks. She just screams youthful vitality! I can’t wait to see her grow more comfortable in her own beauty.

To highlight her sunny personality, I went with a golden look for Heather. We swept bronzer on her cheeks, forehead, and temples. To play up her soft brown eyes, I chose gold and copper shadows and finished with a sweep of black mascara. A nude, high-shine gloss was all her high-wattage smile required. Luminous!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Elise, 47, and Alexa, 13 hometown: new york, new york

Alexa: At thirteen, I don’t want to look like a baby, but I’m not sure about makeup technique. I do know I want to look genuine and down-to-earth. Too many girls just pack it on. I’m not into that.

Elise: I hope to set a good example for Alexa. I used to see myself as “just cute” (I’m five feet), but now, at forty-seven, I feel this is the best I’ve ever looked. As you mature, you learn how to best take care of yourself.

Nowadays I feel most beautiful when I’m being physically active, really expending energy, and then have the pleasure of relaxing in that post-exercise glow. You have to be inside your own beauty; that’s when it really radiates.

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Carmindy Visioin:What I See

Alexa’s eyes are true almond loveliness, and her skin is just terrific. As a young lady just starting to experiment, she should definitely leave her brows alone and be very light-handed with makeup.

I placed just a little iridescent shimmer shadow on her eyes, plus a sweep of black mascara. Pinky blush and lip color set off Alexa’s sweet teen beauty.

Elise has cheekbones to die for—truly supermodel bone structure on her entire face. But she was confused about the right color palette to play up her features.

We started with a sheer application of liquid foundation to even out her skin and restored its vibrancy with some coral cream blush on the apples of her cheeks. For Elise’s hazel eyes, we used khaki shadow and forest green liquid liner to bring out the irises’ gold flecks. A neutral moisturizing lip color let her mouth’s pretty shape stand on its own.

It was so wonderful to see a mother and daughter bloom with love and admiration right before our eyes. Inspiring!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Carmindy Vision:What I See

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