Carmindy Vision:What I See

When I met Ivonne, I fell in love with her eyes and skin. She has such a balanced face, with perfect almond-shaped eyes and symmetrical features. She’s a strong woman who radiates beauty.

Like many women her age, Ivonne’s hormones are in flux, and she experiences hot flashes several times each day. By starting with a luminizing face primer, her foundation will stay fresh, and any extra shine will be kept under control throughout the day.

As a Latina with light coloring, Ivonne’s blonde lashes and brows tend to wash her out. I deepened her brow color and lined her upper lash line to showcase the shape of her eyes and give them a wide-awake vitality.

A soft quartz eye shadow brought out her lovely blue-green eyes without being overpowering. A pinktinted lip balm played into her natural lip color; it’s a low-maintenance way to keep her lips supple and colorful all day. Smart and sassy!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Joy, 39

hometown: des moines, iowa

Looks weren’t commented on in my family, good or bad. Academic performance mattered; a strong work ethic was what counted. So I didn’t grow up with a poor perception of my appearance, but I didn’t understand the power of beauty either.

I only started appreciating my face once I reached my thirties. I have unusual features: a prominent nose, an expansive forehead, brows with a mind of their own. Rather than try to alter or cover up these traits, I’ve made them my signature. Who wants to look like a celebrity clone?

I may be late to the makeup party, but I really enjoy playing with different looks. It’s fun to be a femme fatale one day, a doe-eyed innocent the next. I’m also a fanatic about skin care and go to a threading salon to keep the brows groomed, but never tamed! Now I pay attention when I see another woman with a cockeyed brow. I think, “Oh look, another member of the tribe; I bet she’s an interesting lady. . .”

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Updated: July 22, 2015 — 8:14 am