Carmindy Vision:What I See

When I see Asian women, I immediately think of them as naturally blessed with so many beautiful assets: smooth skin, full lips, exotic eyes. I never realized the nose bridge issue until Bernice mentioned it. Let’s drop corrosive comparisons like East versus West and get busy celebrating unique beauty!

Bernice has such doll-like porcelain skin, I decided to go for a youthful, romantic look.

On her eyes, I used a shimmering white highlight under the brow, a granite shadow to define the lash line, and a taupe shadow across the lid. Using a corner lash curler, we lifted her lashes and applied a healthy dose of black mascara. We also defined her brows to frame her entire face.

To accentuate her creamy complexion, I applied a pretty pink blush. A slick of pale pink lip gloss played up her beautiful coloring. Exquisite!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Paula, 35


I first decided to change my look in seventh grade, when I asked for a really short haircut. It wasn’t a wise choice. For a long time after that, I felt I couldn’t trust my beauty instincts. I went in search of women to emulate instead of seeing and bringing out my unique assets.

As I got older and grew professionally, I came into my own physically as well. Now I make an effort to look pulled together as Paula, not as a carbon copy of my friends or cousins. I know how much better I feel when I don’t just rush out the door, but take a moment to apply makeup and be at my best. I have my routine down to ten minutes flat!

Today I feel most beautiful when I’m enjoying myself—just by being around the right people, whether they’re coworkers, friends, or family. When I can just be myself, I drop any self­consciousness and love living in the moment.

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Updated: July 24, 2015 — 12:16 am