Carmindy Vision:What I See

Joy has a face that is so emotionally transparent. If she’s feeling it, her face shows it with honesty. Those eyebrows express her intelligence and passion. She has such a regal, beautiful look. Breathtaking.

Inspired by Joy’s dramatic brow and hazel eyes, I decided to create a modern smoky eye. The new approach is to use autumn shadow shades in khaki, green, and gold instead of the traditional black and gray palette. When paired with black liquid liner and mascara, these colors create a smoldering, more sophisticated effect.

I finished with a bit of orchid blush and sheer mauve lip gloss for pure sex appeal. Shazam, ma’am. Joy’s inner diva exploded on camera. I think we unleashed a vixen!

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Lois, 68

hometown: mount VERNON, new YORK

I grew up with a stunningly beautiful mother. Throughout my youth, people would comment on how I was pretty, but not as pretty as her. They’d say, “Oh, you have such nice blue eyes, but not as blue as your mother’s.” After a while, I just withdrew from the whole beauty game; I didn’t want to compete.

Once I reached my thirties, I stopped making excuses about who I was and started to own my face. Nowadays I feel like an oddball among my friends because I haven’t had cosmetic surgery. Even though I’m not thrilled with all of the changes that aging brings, I still want to look like me. I want a face that can still be expressive and smile freely!

For me, feeling beautiful means feeling healthy, having confidence in myself, and being in touch with my spirituality. That’s what truly counts.

Carmindy Vision:What I See

Updated: July 23, 2015 — 5:32 pm