Italian charm

The RED Valentino line of the brand with the same name is a modern fairy tale which unites freshness and usual style. The timeless beauty of Valentino symbolizes glamour, romantic and a little the playful parallel world where everything can be.

The lady of RED Valentino, comes from a rich family, as if the princess who has descended from pages of the most loved children’s fairy tales. Very clearly it exhales feminity and confidence. Its style is a mix of various influences of a set of places and the eras allowing it to experiment.

The new preliminary spring-and-summer collection of a strip of RED Valentino from the magnificent brand with the same name comes as a breath of fresh air. If you wish to update your clothes, having added it stunning playfulness and tenderness, you had such possibility. And when the known brand offers democratic versions of own inimitable dresses, it is twice pleasant. As usual, the offer of famous Italian brand actually abounds with romanticism and, looking through a prism of certain pensive feelings, becomes rather special. Whether there was a collection predictable? Absolutely not! The line does not cease to strike us with the unique and unusual design. And the new collection is not an exception.

In an extent of long time the known brand manages to create charming silhouettes in what ladies of the whole world can feel inexpressibly womanly and free. So to choose for future warm season? Main a detail though what look it becomes indispensable romanticism. And a new season – ideal time to try on on itself gentle pastel tone, unique coats and the dresses decorated with lace and ruches, creating "pink" pensive mood.

It is impossible not согласить for that not very well what RED Valentino collection executes the ode of absolute feminity. Elegant raincoats, dresses and the skirts, lovely blouses and shorts with timeless dark and pink flowers, also stunning flower prints – these works are beyond magnificence. And unique accessories, unexpected scenery and distinguished details in the form of tapes and bows enrich them, emphasizing their eccentricity and feature.

This spring the recognizable prestigious house advises not to be afraid to experiment a black dot print on тренчах and dresses. Playful points only will add to your look unique strokes and will provide with a set of the interested views.

Not enough who loves rainy weather, but, лицезрев stylish rain raincoats from RED Valentino, you, maybe, want, that the rain went every day. And all because classical raincoats caught a new unique view with the help of pink PVC and contrast black furnish.

In the forthcoming season of RED Valentino suggests to dream, change and show the womanly coquettish images.

Updated: January 11, 2016 — 7:57 am